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Chairman of a global company operating in over 100 countries, Board member of multiple other companies, and senior advisor to leading global private equity firm, and formerly a CEO of a global financial services company listed on the NYSE.

"Alison has covered with me a diverse set of gatherings and brand building events:  meetings at the World Economic Forum in Davos, brand building presences at industry conferences, multi-day meetings of over 200 senior executives drawn from across the world, dinners for key clients for just 15 people in total.  In all these cases Alison’s core skills and qualities run true: a calmness to deal with fast-changing events and the occasional crisis; innovative answers to brand building opportunities; superb logistical organization. 

Alison has hands on experience of working the details of thought leadership meetings and brand building events around the world – she is a uniquely qualified individual.  She works seamlessly with internal colleagues and external vendors, and with multiple different clients of varied seniority and understanding of the opportunities and challenges of brand building and management gatherings.  Alison creates a platform for brand building and intellectual capital that can boost the effectiveness of any business."

​A chairman & CEO of a public multinational risk advisor, insurance brokerage and reinsurance brokerage company with operations in over 120 countries.

“Alison led the events for our rebranding of an iconic US building and the opening of an award-winning London building. These unique events required street closures and working with city government agencies, security, invitation list oversight, as well as team coordination for content and media planning. Alison provided the frameworks and guidance for two magnificent company-defining memorable events. 


Our internal leadership meetings, Chairman’s councils and Executive strategic planning meetings posed logistical challenges and contained fast-changing content.  Alison listens. She is a problem solver who understood the needs of our business and who related instinctively to the varied personalities with whom she needed to work. Business leaders in both London and New York, were guided by Alison through the decision making and she delivered seamless meetings that enabled me to deliver my message and allowed my business leaders to shine in the best light.”

​A CEO of a leading global brokerage and financial technology company.

"The reinsurance scene: The Rendez-Vous Septembre is a reinsurance conference that has grown from origins as a European gathering to a global behemoth that is rapidly out-growing the space in its location. Alison is the go-to person for contacts at the Rendez-Vous. Whether its accommodation, meeting space or client entertaining locations, Alison’s network of contacts is second to none. This, together with her diary planning expertise and understanding of exactly what we need in order to conduct our business proves her worth time and again."

​A CEO of an International Insurance company, responsible for business in Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Africa.

“I worked with Alison over a period of eight years and was either a sponsor, client or participant in over fifty internal and external events that she designed, planned and executed.  Remarkably for such a large and diverse number of events, there wasn’t a single failure, most were highly successful and a number were truly remarkable. 

Two events stand-out in particular.  The first was an internal meeting for the International Division that I ran, where we brought together my business leaders from around the world and hosted them in a specially-created conference space on an empty floor in our London headquarters and created a unique environment to engage them on our business strategy and priorities; the design was innovative and the execution flawless.  The second was an external event, the annual European risk managers conference, FERMA, where Alison worked with fourteen country CEOs to ensure that we had a distinctive presence at this key marketing event, coordinated sometimes conflicting agendas with a coherent set of messages and delivered at an acceptable cost.  Alison has always been a great pleasure to work with: calm, professional and fun.”

​A Chief Human Resources Officer for a global public company, advisor to the CEO, compensation committee and board of directors on talent strategy, succession planning, culture and diversity.

“Having worked with Alison directly or observed the fruits of her labors over six years, I can confidently say she is, hands down, the most talented event planner I have ever seen.  Her innate skill and creativity, her keen eye for aesthetics, her strong relationships with a wide range of vendors and her attention to every detail, both large and small, serve her extremely well whether she is orchestrating a large global event or an intimate Board dinner.  Most notably, Alison partnered with me to orchestrate two women's leadership forums, which were multi-day events for senior and rising women from around the world.  The purpose of these conferences was to expose female talent to our executive management, offer personal and professional development, and enable new connections among women across different disciplines and geographies. 


Her ability to transform space to create unique and impactful environments for large plenary sessions, break out groups, and dining and socializing was masterful and gave the conference a richness that left attendees excited and grateful.  Every detail, from electronic program brochures and attendee bios, to gifts for participants, to music and AV was creatively imagined and perfectly executed.  Alison is a consummate professional, remarkably patient and able to handle the most demanding executives.  She is able to solve the most outrageous logistical challenges and she is always quick with an innovative idea to keep her events fresh and exciting.” 

CFO, Global Online Retail Derivatives Trading Company

During my time working with Alison, over several years, she ensured meticulously planned and smoothly run quarterly meetings for the Board and Board Committees of a large multinational.  Usually held over several days and with participants from the around the globe, every detail was covered. From clear communication and timetabling, exceptional venues, high quality facilities and accommodation, as well as thoroughly enjoyable evening events and entertainment, each time Alison ensured that everything ran like clockwork.

CEO, of a Global insurance broker, risk management services and solutions partnership

"Alison worked in Marketing and Communications globally, and specifically with me on events over ten years. During that time, Alison managed a range of events, from large scale conferences and client event days to small, intimate client meetings and dinners that were targeted to a strategic audience. Working with Alison allowed the Host to conduct their business seamlessly on the day, without having to concern themselves with distractions. Organized to the minutest of detail and methodical in everything she does, Alison and her team gave the necessary reassurances that everything would run perfectly smoothly. 


Always enthusiastic and understanding in all of the work we undertook together, Alison remained calm on the surface in circumstances that sometimes were less than calm and with personalities that could certainly be less than calm! 


Forever the Professional."

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